New born baby girl best wishes, messages, smss

Isn’t she adorable
She’s so beautiful
May she grow up lovely like her mom.
And sturdy like her dad.

Warmest wishes to new parents.
She is such a delightful gift.
May the Lord keep and bless in guiding her footsteps.

Best wishes for your new baby!
She’s a heaven-sent gift
Now your home will be filled with laughter and cries of a sweet angel.
I’m so happy for both of you.

The long wait is over
The little angel has come!
We rejoice with you for this sweet gift
May she grow up to be a loving person with a gentle spirit.
Warmest congratulations.

Hello baby!
Can you see our sweetest smiles?
We’re all glad to welcome you!

New born baby boy best wishes, messages, smss

What a sweet arrival!
The whole family rejoices for a new born son.
May he be embraced with lots of love that surround him.

It’s not as easy as it gets
Holding in your arms an angel so delicate
With a bright future God has stored for him
Lots of victories and tons of grins.
He’s the sweetest angel in town.

It took nine months for him to finally see this world.
I surely see a very bright future for him ahead.

You’re so cute baby!
We can’t resist kissing you.

Hey sweetie!
I love to see you soon.
Welcome your little darling with a love-filled environment.
Be great parents to your charming baby!

I cannot help it.
You got me mesmerized, sweet little girl.
I am sure that you’ll bring so much fun, baby.
Keep others charmed.

Lovely, witty, amazing.
These are just few terms that popped on my mind the moment
I hold you in my arms, baby.
I will hug you with so much love the moment I’ll see you.

New born baby messages, card messages, congratulations messages, wishes, sms, messages

Unconditional love had been waiting for your arrival.
The world is too big for you, baby.
Let us guide your way.

Cheers to a precious gift!
A handful of contentment reflects on your parent’s eyes.
Congratulations to the new loving parents!

Heaven sent angel,
We adore you so much!
Welcome to your home, sweet one!

Our excitement goes forth
As we imagine how adorable your baby could be.
Those little hands and feet mean huge happiness to you!
Cherish every moment with your new baby!

You got a healthy and pretty baby.
Keep her nourished with love and beautiful values.

Dear baby, you are a blessing to your home and to this earth.
Put a smile on your mother and father’s face, cutie!
May you live with a kind heart my innocent darling.

Fall in love with blessings of love new parents!
Let us welcome you with our warmest hugs,
Kisses, and giggles.

Too gentle..
Too precious in our eyes.
We greet him with glee.
Welcome to the family.
May you grow in love and wisdom all the days of his life.

Congratulations to the parents!
Your son has finally come out.
To bring happiness and cheer to your days
May joy and peace be added to your years.

Congratulations for having a new baby!
It was all worth the pain and sacrifice.
It all faces when you see his smiles.
May he abide in the shadows of God’s grace.

I rejoice with you for having this gift.
May God use you as vessels
For this baby to become the person God wants her to be.

Welcome to parenthood!
Let the life of this baby be a light and brings joy and blessings to your home.
Enjoy this phase.
Congratulations to proud parents.
May she grow up to bring joy and laughter to your family.
Warmest wishes.

In few more days,
You’ll be holding cute little hands.
You are so blessed to bring forth a little one
that will make your world bigger.

You don’t know how happy the world is
As you presented another give of life.

Congratulations to the new mom and dad
That would create a difference to the world with their unique baby!
Congratulations on the daily and lovely opportunities of parenting!

Welcome to the moments of sleepless nights and endless caresses!
Congrats to you awesome couple!

Live the beautiful life of guardians!
I am so happy for you and your baby who got wonderful mother and father!

Congratulations on the big smiles in your faces
As you look at your blushing sweetheart.

Congratulations on the new home embraced by humor, excitement, and bliss!

You are going to be ever great guardians to your loveable one.
May more blessings shower your home, sweet, home.

Live an amazing life with your amusing baby!

Congratulations on having little hands to hold!

Congratulations on this important event of your married life!

Congratulations on the blessing that you are receiving!

For God pampering you with blessings, Congratulations!

Congratulations to the new parents
who’ll feed the child’s hunger for living!

Congratulations to you, mommy and daddy,
for giving me the best present ever! I so love my baby brother.

Congratulations on the long road that you have to travel!

Cheers to the tears of joy you’ve had!

Congrats to your blooming life together with your blushing child.

Cheers to the great values you will be imparting to your lovely one.

Dear Baby,
It’s just amazing how God loves you as He gave you the perfect parents.
Hey, mom and dad! Let’s celebrate parenthood!

May graces come forth in flying colors!
Congratulations dear lovers on your fruit of love!

Let’s celebrate proofs of love!
Congrats to you, mom and dad!

Let’s shout for joy as you are officially called mother and father now!

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A guy and girl had sex poem competition.
Guy: two times two is four, hour plus five is nine, I can put mine in yours, but you can't put yours in mine.
Girl: two times two is four, hour plus five is nine, I know the length of yours but you will never know the depth of mine.

Sardar & Sardarni in Bus: Sardarni: Sunoji, peechey wala merey blouse main haath dal raha hai. Sardar: Tu chinta mat kar, osey kya pata ke Batwa merey pas hai.

Sex is like pizza. 
When its good,
When its bad,
its Still pretty good.

Little Johnny came running into the house and asked, “Mommy, can little girls have babies?”
“No,” said his mom, “of course not.”
Little Johnny then ran back outside and his mom heard him yell to his friends, 
“It’s okay, we can play that game again!”

Little Johnny once asked his teacher “Do hearts have legs?.” 
The teacher answered “Why do you ask that?” 
Johnny replied “Yesterday, I heard my dad say sweetheart open your legs.”

Majnu ne khuda se poocha: “Aye khuda tune ladki ki kamar kaisi banai mitti kam pad gayi ya rishwat thi khayi” Khuda ne jawaab diya: “Na mitti kam pad gayi na rishwat khai kamar dabai tabhi to chuchiyan (.) (.) Bahar aayi“

Ek mandir ki deewar pay likha tha: Agar aap gunah kar ke thak chuke hain to ander aaiye. Neechy lipistick se likha hua tha : Agar nahi thake hain to samne wale ghar main aaiye.

Girl goes 2 repair umbrella. Umbrella man says:- Upper cloth has to be removed and rod has to b inserted. Girl says:- Do any thing but water shouldn’t go in !!!

What is the difference between riding a bicycle & riding a woman? Riding a bicycle u fix ur ass & move ur legs. Riding a woman u fix ur legs & move ur ass!

Man to wife: Business is bad, if u learn 2 cook we can remove servant.
Wife: If u learn how to fuck we can remove driver, gardener & watchman…

Teacher: John, why is your cat at school today? John : I heard the postman tell mum. when the kid goes to school I’m gonna eat your pussy.

Girl in cinema turns sideway n whisper 2 her boyfriend: The man next 2 me is masturbating!”. BF: ”Ignore him.” GF: ”I can’t. BF: ”Why not?” GF: ”He’s using my HAND!”

4 Dogs fucking Bitch very Hard Pass 1 aunty khari thi, rone lagi Bacche ne Pucha:”Kiya hua” Aunty:”KUCH NAHI BETA JAVANI K DIN YAAD AGAYE”

2 ladkiya 1 mote bache k pait ko dekhkar boli-O kake y pani k matka kitne k diya?Bacha gusse ma apni nikar utarkar bola tooti samet 50 ka.

1admi Eye operation k Bad- Dr. Muje dikhai nahi de raha. nurse Ke kapde utar diye Dr-Ab dikha? Man: nahi Dr: madarchod fir ye lun kaise khada ho gaya

1 girl : bhai-jaan ye rasta kha jayega. boy : saali, confeus karti h. ya to bhai bol ya jaan bol.

1 mouse was fucking an elephnt in a coconut farm 1 cocont fals on elephant’s head. Elepnt- oouch! Mouse- ouch vouch kuch nahi, ‘Hum to gaand phaad dete hai’!

1 Ladki ne 1 Kutti se puchha, Tumhe 1’saath itne Bache Kaise hote h, to Kutti ne Kaha Sadak Par Nangi Ghum ke dekh fir pata chaleg

1 bacha Roj school se bhag kr gand mrwata tha or is trah usne bahut paise kmaye. in peso se mobile khrida.Vidhi ka vidhan deko,Aaj vo apni hi story pad raha hai

Sardarji suhaagraat kaisi rahi? Kuch mat pooch yaar! Pehle 8 bar to Missed Call aur Wrong number lage aur jab sahi number laga to balance NIL thi.

A Short thing It gets Longer when U hold it N pass between women Breasts N enters into A hole What is it? Car Seat Belt U dirty mind.


What's an average 6 inch long
Inside a guy's pants and girls love to blow it up?
A:1000- rupee currency note.!
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