Rajikant just stole his age...

Once George Clooney (Danial Ocean of Ocean's 11) met Rajni, said i can steel anything 4m any where,at least in this steeling business i'm better than you,and went on to show Rajni.....
Rajni was about to open a sealed gasoline can(Rajni likes his drink neat),when this conversation started,he opened it and found its empty,why?Clooney stole the gasoline from inside the sealed can.
Rajni just smiled,and said so you think u r btr dn me?Ok,i'l show you.A old man was passing by,Rajni pointed that old man and asked Clooney,c that old man?right after the question that old man turned into a little boy.Clooney was suprised,he asked,what just happened?what did u do?
Rajni smiled,and said,ohh nothing,just stole his age.

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