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#fame is your stage and the whole world is your audience

How does it feel to be LIVE. Live infront of people you know and want to see you. Live infront of all to show off what is inside you and what you can do. You've got talent and it needs to be shown. Here is a great simple and user-friendly app #fame. The app already has 1 million download so you are very much assured of the success of the app. All you have to do is simply talk about what you are writing/ doing/ going to cover and then just turn on your mobile and beam live from it. No studio setup required. Life with the Fame application is that simple! You can make new friends, connect with your fans, chat and become a celebrity in your own right. There is live interaction with people who are watching you, and that makes it that much more engaging. It’s a great opportunity to explore live video performances. Here is a quickie for what you need to do to get started right away. It is easier than drinking water.

#fame is your ticket to superstardom. Go Live using the newly launched …

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