How long our friendship will last...

A boy knows he is going 2 die within 5 Mins, So he msgs his lover n his=
"Gud Bye"
Within 2 mins he got a msg frm his lover..
"where r u goin dear,m busy.
I cant come so go widout me"
D boys heart began 2 pain,within a sec. he got a msg. frm his frnd...
"kahan jaa raha hai saale kutte?
Akela hi chala jayega,mujhe bhi puch leta yar"
D boy smiles,his eyes close,his heart stops.
N Dats da damn frndship..!=20
Dedicated to all my frnds.

"\,/" :. : :.)\,

Come on bull go..=20
Mere swt se Dost
k paas jana..
Or Jorse.
Laat mar k kehna ki humne yad kiya hai.

.@@, ,@@.
@ Frnds @
@. Day .@
Pass this 'HEART'
to All ur FRIENDS,including me.
If 3 Come Back, U'll Get A Big Surprise on FRIENDSHIP DAY.

A simple calculation to find how long our frndship will last. Count the=
stars in the heaven, add the sands on the shore, n multiply with the h=
eartbeats. That is FOREVER.

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