Some sexy and kinky questions for your lover

1. Would you rather be blindfolded or blindfold me?

2. Would you rather orgasm while performing oral or during intercourse?

3. What was your high school sex fantasy?

4. What’s your favorite position?

5.  Which part of your body do you consider the most sexy?

6.  Do you like to swallow?

7.  Who do you fantasize about when you’re alone?

8. Your last sexual encounter; good or bad and why?

9. Where is one place you would never have sex?

10. Top or bottom?

11.  Best sexual complement you ever got?

12. When was the first time you masturbated?

13.  Have/would you ever have sex outside?

14. Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?

15.  Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear, or nothing at all?

16.  If you had a sexual “to-do” list, what would be on top of the list?

17. Is a weird “sex face/orgasm face” a total deal breaker?

18. Do you have a gag reflex?

19. Is your sex life award-winning or a total flop?

20. Are piercings sexy?

21. Can/Have you ever squirted before?

22. List your kinks…

Insult SmS Messages

Whn u r alone,
Whn u r alone,
Whn u r crying,
whn u r upset, Don't think of me!!
just call me
Bcoz incoming
is free for me... my friend

Press down
Press down
again.. please
once more
sorry again
6 times more
Oh! Again
1 Time again
don't u have any job?

Good Time
Good Time
Bad Time
Day Time
Work Time
Off Time
Night Time
Happy Time
Sad Time
Sleep Time
APUN ka SMS aa sakta hai...

U R 100% beautiful,
U R 100% beautiful,
U R 100% lovely,
U R 100% sweet,
U R 100% nice, and
U R 100% stupid to believe these words...

main tumse kuch kahana chahata hu,
main tumse kuch kahana chahata hu,
wahi baat jo dil ko chu jaye,
wahi pyar ke 3 ilfaz

Open with Love.
Open with Love...
If I disturb U
I am Sorry!
But I need
To Say

Love... Disturbing you...

Flowers fie, ories end, songs fade,
Flowers fie, ories end, songs fade, memories r forgotten, all things come to end, but people like u always remain forever, becus ghosts never die. By Saira
pahlay hat ma lo(In Urdu)
pahlay hat ma lo
phir mon mal lo
phir tokh laghao
phir sidha karoo
phir sorakh ma daloo
kithna muskhil ha soi ma dagha dalna By Kami

Palko pe Apni bithaya hai tumhe(in Urdu).
Palko pe Apni bithaya hai tumhe....badi Duaon ke Baad paaya hai tumhe....Asani se nahi Mile hi Tum.... International Zoo se Churaya hai tumhe......By zaheer khan

In a bath room, a boy touches
In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere!
You Know whose that boy?
Stupid It's Lifeboy Soap!
Dirty people always tink dirty. By Ram

anso tumare niklein
anso tumare niklein ankhein meri hon,(In Urdu)
anso tumare niklein ankhein meri hon,
dil tumara dhadk dhadkane meri hon,
hmari dosti itni gahri ho,
nokri tum karo salary meri ho.By SARI&MADI

Aap Ka Sms NeeChey Hain (In Urdu)
Aap Ka Sms NeeChey Hain
aur Neechey
Thora aur NeeChey
One Step More
Aap Aik Sms Keliye Itney girr Jaaon Gey , Mughey Nahee Maloom tha By Haazzi

U have wasted
U have wasted
...seconds reading my SMS.. Now get back to work By Bhargav

A new software has been
A new software has been introduced. Any 2 persons having it in their mobiles can send free SMS 2 each other. To install it in ur mobile follow instructions otherwise ur mobile may be damaged.
Press Down
Press Up
Wrong key pressed,Ur Mobile damaged


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