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Some sexy and kinky questions for your lover

1. Would you rather be blindfolded or blindfold me?

2. Would you rather orgasm while performing oral or during intercourse?

3. What was your high school sex fantasy?

4. What’s your favorite position?

5.  Which part of your body do you consider the most sexy?

6.  Do you like to swallow?

7.  Who do you fantasize about when you’re alone?

8. Your last sexual encounter; good or bad and why?

9. Where is one place you would never have sex?

10. Top or bottom?

11.  Best sexual complement you ever got?

12. When was the first time you masturbated?

13.  Have/would you ever have sex outside?

14. Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?

15.  Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear, or nothing at all?

16.  If you had a sexual “to-do” list, what would be on top of the list?

17. Is a weird “sex face/orgasm face” a total deal breaker?

18. Do you have a gag reflex?

19. Is your sex life award-winning or a total flop?

20. Are piercings sexy?

21. Can/Have you ever squirted before?

22. List your kinks…

TIDE saaf ho gaya


Rajni's grammer

Ξ he wrote 2 speeches,nw they r kn as Direct speech,&Indirect speech Ξ he cn define verb without action Ξ he evn unnamd a thing&defind it as noun Ξ he 1ce exclaimd d sentence wth an ? mark Ξ he got full marks in lettr evn though he wrote his addres at last wth his name in beginning Ξ he 1ce usd word 'an' for honesty stil honesty being an unvovel wrd is representd with an 'an' b4 it

Flim world

-Da CD is not piratd of any of his flims,evn if some1 try to do so den a dark red warning cms tat 'OPERATìON FAILED ITS D FLIM OF RAJNIKANTH'

-Only his flim cn show u trailer mre tan d length of his flim.

-He watches HD clearity evn on black&white telivision.

Once rajni was operated for kidney stone

Once rajni was operated for kidney stone . . . .

Today that stone is know as mount everest

Who shake hands in Nokia mobile phones

Rajnikanth knows those two persons, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . who shake hands in Nokia mobile phones :-D:-D:-D

Run, Beg or Fight


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