Your Breasts I Claim

Your Breasts I Claim - 123 SMSFUN

I want to claim your breasts as mine
For their stiff nipples I do pine
To suckle them is my desire
My hungry mouth will never tire

You bare them for my waiting eyes
To see them bare is no surprise
My fingers grasp those nipples taut
I have just found what I have sought

One lovely nipple I now suck
The other one my fingers pluck
I’ll try to suck some milk from thee
I’ll suckle hard and we shall see

I guess for milk you must give birth
And lose your rounded belly girth
I guess it’s been too long ago
That from these breasts your milk did flow

You’ve told me that these breasts are tough
That I should treat them very rough
You know I will fulfill that need
That from your breasts my mouth will feed

Your nipples are now stiff and plump
Rounded just like your lovely rump
I tug them now, extend their length
I’m pulling hard with all my strength

Twisting now with thumb and finger
These hands will a long time linger
Squeeze and tug and then suckle more
You know that your breasts I adore

Your Breasts I Claim - 123 SMSFUN

I want your breasts to make you cum
And make your all of your body hum
Breastgasms are your special art
Which often cause your legs to part

Orgasms of your breasts so fair
Do make you want your cunt to share
When tingling in your breasts do cease
Then cunt and cock will share a piece

Your breasts for me a place to start
To cause your lovely legs to part
To find your dear vagina wet
For it is soon a cock to get

First I’ll lick your clitty cherry
My lips and tongue may long tarry
You may orgasm ere we fuck
Yet still I will your titties pluck

Now when your cunt is dripping wet
It’s time for it my cock to get
Those lips wide open to my thrust
My many strokes now are a must

Your cunt now knows my cock so well
Your whole bare body casts a spell
As prick and cervix meet and greet
Each loving thrust will be more fleet

Each time we fuck there is an end
For semen my cock will expend
You feel cock pulsing deep inside
Your pussy takes my gift in stride

Your Breasts I Claim - 123 SMSFUN